We bridge cultures and communities through art forms


Labour Arty is devoted to bridging peoples and cultures through various art forms. We bring awareness and appreciation to communities using assorted mediums such as photography, documentaries, and digital media.

We collaborate and consult on projects that aim to complement the work being done by organisations that promote inclusivity and enhance the well-being of the neglected. Our team is made up of passionate individuals who find joy in interacting with people from all sorts of backgrounds.

Gallery Exhibition

'Blind Spots, 2018' - We partnered artists to take pictures of the back of lorries transporting migrant workers human cargo, and exhibited them at Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film.

Panel Talk

To shed light on important issues, host talks and fireside chats with leaders, activists, and migrant heroes. This particular conversation was held together with Sama Sama at Straits Clan, where we had the honour of hosting MP Louis Ng, director of ‘A Land Imaged’ Chris Yeo, migrant champion Zakir Hossain, and CEO of AIDHA Jacqueline Loh.

Christmas Gifting

We had a lot of fun celebrating and giving out a bunch of goodie bags at a migrant worker Christmas event in 2018.

Art Installation x OGS

Our Grandfather Story partnered us curating an installation in the middle of the road during a car-free weekend at Telok Ayer, which paid tribute to the migrant workers from past to present who built the spaces and places we live in.

Publications & Writing

We try our best to write as often as we can for a variety of digital media outlets. This is so that more people can hear about the important issues surrounding migrant communities.

Dumplings for the Homesick

All we knead is love. Some homesick migrant brothers we knew could not head back to see their families over Chinese New Year, so we had a dumpling party to help them tide over what could be a lonely time for them. We made over 1,000 dumplings and had a great time.

Short Documentary x Honour SG

We were part of a documentary film project with Honour Singapore that featured the migrant communities’ contributions to Singapore.

Yellow Helmet Challenge

The #YellowHelmetChallenge was a social media campaign to encourage locals to say ‘Hi’ and befriend migrant workers. Made together with Dude Studios, we partnered organisations such as Healthserve and National Integration Council to create an Augmented Reality (AR) Instagram filter - the second of its kind in the world - to bring together communities that don’t usually interact in our shared spaces.

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